Pupil Premium




What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers. At New Village, we currently have 54% of our school population eligible for Pupil Premium funding which is higher than the national average.

Pupil premium funding is available to:

  • schools maintained by the local authority, including:
    • special schools, for children with special educational needs or disabilities
    • pupil referral units (PRUs), for children who can’t go to a mainstream school
  • academies and free schools, including:
    • special academies, for children with special educational needs or disabilities
    • alternative provision (AP) academies, for children who can’t go to a mainstream school
  • voluntary-sector AP, with local authority agreement
  • non-maintained special schools (NMSS), for children with special educational needs as approved by the Secretary of State for Education under section 342 of the Education Act 1992


What do we believe at New Village?

We belief that ALL children have the capacity to learn, achievement and make progress in whatever they do. We strive each day to make this possible.



  • To raise the aspirations and life-expectations of each individual within our school so everyone strives for personal excellence in everything they do
  • To provide outstanding learning and teaching which enables all pupils, regardless of gender, race, background or ability, to excel
  • To help pupils and staff build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses through development, mentoring and support
  • To help pupils develop respect for others so that they can form tolerant and caring relationships and be sympathetic to the needs of other people, whoever they may be
  • To provide pupils with a variety of experiences and the support they need to be healthy and active, to stay safe, to enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being
  • To use the skills, knowledge, experience and talents of all staff to personalise the learning for each pupil
  • To develop a culture of team work that promotes continuous improvement and the highest standards of achievement and conduct
  • To be committed to providing a high quality programme of professional development and training.

Our mission statement, “What Challenges us, Changes us”


What barriers do our children face?

  • higher ability pupils make less progress towards greater depth learning; their learning experiences tend to be based in school
  • pupils eligible for pupil premium funding do less well in the Year 1 phonics screening than other pupils
  • pupils in lower key stage 2 who are eligible for pupil premium funding do less well in reading and writing
  • behaviour issues exhibited by a small number of pupils eligible for pupil premium have a detrimental effect on their class-based learning
  • The Deprivation Report for 2016-17 recognises the New Village school catchment area as one of the most deprived areas in Doncaster.
  • Attendance is lower for pupils eligible for pupil premium funding.
  • The levels of heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses is higher in Bentley than in the majority of other Doncaster districts. Healthy life styles are not always adopted; PP pupils represent the most vulnerable group.
  • PP pupils are also most likely to arrive at school without breakfast or having eaten a balanced and healthy diet  

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement:

Please follow the links below for detailed information as to how New Village allocate, spend and monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium funding


Published Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18







Our Pupil Premium champion is Mrs A Smith. It is Mrs Smith’s responsibility to monitor the impact of the pupil premium spend and report to SLT and to the Governing Board.


We have termly review meetings each year to evaluate how well pupils supported by this funding are doing.

Autumn 17 w/c 11.12.17

Spring 18 w/c 12.3.18

Summer 18 w/c 2.7.18