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Published Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18


Pupil Premium Spend and Key Priorities 2015 – 2017

We believe that:

  • All children can learn. All staff and children are able to recognise the value of learning.
  • All staff, working at New Village, will have consistently high expectations of children’s learning potential, attitudes and behaviour and take corporate responsibility for ensuring these in, and around, school.
  • Learning takes place in all areas of our school and through the entire learning day – inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Children should be taught how to learn; learning how to be an outstanding learner is paramount to the ethos, aims and dynamics of New Village School.
  • Consistently challenging, dynamic, engaging and empowering teaching leads to outstanding learning, resulting in a school where every child’s potential is realised.
  • All staff will value every child’s contribution to the school and strive to create a learning environment that brings out the full potential in all.
  • Rigorous, continuous monitoring, thorough and informed evaluation and accurate analysis of all the elements of teaching, is essential in ensuring high-level teaching and learning
  • Learning at New Village will produce and enhance a learning skills-set that will be lifelong; we will actively promote this for every child and for all staff.
  • New Village School will demonstrate its commitment to quality teaching and learning through its dedication to continuous professional development for all staff; recognising and exploiting all opportunities to enhance its workforce and the learning environment.