Key Stage One

ks1Welcome to Key Stage One

Our Key Stage is made of of 3 classes

Year 1 – Mrs Foster and Mrs Chorley

Year 1/2 – Mrs Ward, Mrs Charlesworth and Mrs Dickinson

Year 2 – Mrs Simmons, Mrs Wainer and Mrs Guest.

We work hard to engage our children in learning with a topic based, creative curriculum.  Our recent topics have been ‘First Man on the Moon’ and ‘Jurassic World’.  We strive to inspire our children to develop a life long love of learning through investigation and engagement.

Our curriculum is carefully organised to incorporate a range of subjects and cover all necessary aspects of the National Curriculum.


Our English programme includes a focused reading lesson daily, Read Write, Inc or Grammar lessons and a dedicated writing lesson.  Key skills of handwriting, speaking and listening, grammar and spelling are explicitly taught.


Our Mathematics teaching includes oral work, mental calculation, computational skills and problem-solving in a variety of contexts. We follow a Fluency – Reasoning – Problem Solving approach to develop mastery in what we are learning.  Over the year we cover teach place value, number, fractions, calculations, shape, measurement and data-handling.


Science enables children to make sense of the world around them. The development of a scientific, investigative approach supports their learning by encouraging their natural curiosity.  Science is a key subject in our school and has a dedicated afternoon every week.  Each half term at least one investigation will take place.


Another key area to be taught excitedly on a weekly basis.  We follow a bespoke programme to address the needs of our local community.

Physical Education

We spend at least an afternoon weekly on physical education, as again this is a key area for the school.  P.E. is currently taught by subject specialist coaches.  The curriculum delivered covers the needs of the National curriculum and local community, this is essential to developing healthy lifestyles.


This supports the whole curriculum. Each class has access to mobile devices available to support the children’s teaching and learning.  Before using these resources we teach the children how to be safe with the every developing technology.  We have a policy for the managed use of the internet.

Religious Education

Religious education shares common ground with other areas of the curriculum and “religious” issues may be included in other subjects. Nevertheless, RE is also addressed as an identifiable area within our curriculum planning and our provision reflects the Agreed Syllabus.

Foundation Subjects

These subjects are an important part of our curriculum. We believe that every child should have regular access to the arts in order to develop as a whole person. History and geography are taught as part of wider themes. Direct teaching, investigations and visits develop the child’s views of the past and the present.