Key Stage Two

Welcome to Key Stage Two!


Our Key Stage consists of FOUR classes: Mrs Hemmingway in Year 3, Miss Sayers in Year 4, Miss Emery in Year 5 and Mrs Thornley in Year 6. All teachers in Key Stage Two strive to create a curriculum which inspires children to love learning and be curious about the world around them.



Topics in Key Stage Two

Each year, teachers in Key Stage Two meet to discuss the topics for the following year. We share ideas to ensure that topics are engaging and meet the ever-changing needs of the children. Our topics drive our curriculum with elements of topics seen across most subjects.

Reading in Key Stage Two

Reading is crucial to a child’s education as it spans and is essential to ALL subjects and aspects of life. Teachers in Key Stage Two select books which will engage our children, create fantastic imagery, develop vocabulary and promote questions.


Each classroom has a designated reading area, either linked to the topic that the children are studying or the class book that they are reading. Areas are filled with vocabulary and questions to promote a love of reading.






Finally, here are some pictures from our Key Stage. We are very proud of the work that children create and display it both within corridors and classrooms. Please take a look!WonderTongo lizard

Viking displayDigestive system