Science and the World Around Us

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Science Policy 2017-18


Science is one of the school’s leading curriculum subjects




At Bentley New Village, we believe that children deserve a stimulating, enriched experience of Science which will allow them to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. It is this investigative approach that we hope will stay in their memories long after they leave us.


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Science across School

Science will be taught weekly and in accordance with the national curriculum science document. Skills will need to be developed from year group to year group so we can ensure that progress is being made.

Children require coverage of all the areas of science and a balance of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.



Investigations are an important part of science and where possible, staff will strive to include them for every topic. Children will have access to at least SIX good quality science investigations per year, with a mixture of chemistry, biology and physics.

Children will be expected to write up these investigations at a year group appropriate level and these will be monitored in accordance with the basic skills of writing.

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