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At Bentley New Village Primary School, we believe all pupils should value their education and demonstrate this passion through excellent attendance; pupils should rarely miss a day. To succeed and meet their potential, children should not be disadvantaged by low attendance or poor punctuality.

Every child has the right to an education and an excellent education begins with coming to school every day.

Bentley New Village Primary School aims to have ALL pupils attending regularly and punctually.  Parents and Carers need to know and understand that, should their children fail to attend school, then the matter will be referred to the Attendance Manager and Education Welfare Service.  All Doncaster schools are operating a prosecution system in cooperation with the Attendance and Welfare Service and that in conjunction with Doncaster Council schools are operating Fixed Penalty Notices for non-attendance.

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Attendance Policy 2017-19


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Attendance Newsletter 2018


Look at our Attendance!

Our school attendance target is 96%

Our current attendance is 94%


Best Class Attendance!!

Well done to Mrs Hobbs’ class and Miss Greaves’ class in FSU for best attendance last week with 96%!

Well done to Mrs Thornleys’ class in KS2 for best attendance last week with 99%!


How we celebrate Attendance!

Each term we’re aiming to achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze Attendance Certificate!

Gold Attendance Certificate – 100%

Silver Attendance Certificate – 99% (half a day absent)

Bronze Attendance Certificate – 98% (one day absent)

Platinum Certificate – 100% from September to Easter

An Excellence in Attendance Certificate – 100% all year

A trophy for 100% for the entire year

A delicious cake for any class with a 100% for the week


If your attendance is 96% or above, you will receive a special invitation to our half termly Attendance Party and have the chance to win a WH Smith voucher from a prize draw!

Our next Attendance Party is a Pizza Party next week! See the source image