Well done to Lily (KS2), Alfie (KS1) and Taya (FSU) who attended every day in Spring 1 term.  To celebrate their 100% attendance, here they are pictured with a prize.DSC01127 DSC01128 DSC01129

Well done to Joshua (Y6), Carol-Ann (FSU) and Jake (Y1) who all attended school every day in Autumn 2 term.  To celebrate their 100% attendance here they are pictured with a VUE family cinema ticket.DSC01106 DSC01107 DSC01109 

Pictured with a game are Nikita in F2, Trudy in Year 2 and Macie in Year 5.  They won their prize as they have 100% attendance in school for the first half term of the school year 2018/19.  Well done and keep attending.DSC01091







These children attended every day of the school year giving them 100% attendance in 2017/18.  Here they are with their certificates and trophies!DSC01057 DSC01058 DSC01059

At the start of the school year an incentive was set up in each class for children to read at home. bring their book into school and attend every day!  If children achieved this weekly, then they would have a ticket with a chance to win a kindle at the end of the year.  It also meant that children had many chances to win with multiple tickets in the draw.  Alyssa in Year 3 was our lucky winner!  Reading and attending school really is good for you!DSC01053

Willow attended school every day for the whole school year 2017/18 – here she is celebrating her excellent attendance with a Vue family cinema ticket!DSC01056



DSC01052 DSC01054 DSC01055 

Well done to Elaina (FSU), Layton (Y2) and Keegan (Y4) for achieving 100% attendance this term and winning a Vue Cinema family ticket!




Attendance Policy 2017-19


Take a look at our Newsletter.

Attendance Newsletter 2 2018


Look at our Attendance!

Our school attendance target is 97%

Our current attendance is 95%

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Best Class Attendance!!

Well done to Mrs Hobbs’ class in FSU for best attendance last week with 94.5%

Well done to Mrs Smiths’ class in KS1 for best attendance last week with 96.8%

Well done to Mrs Hemmingways’ class in KS2 for best attendance last week with 98.8%



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How we celebrate Attendance!

Each term we’re aiming to achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze Attendance Certificate!

Gold Attendance Certificate – 100%

Silver Attendance Certificate – 99% (half a day absent)

Bronze Attendance Certificate – 98% (one day absent)

Platinum Certificate – 100% from September to Easter

An Excellence in Attendance Certificate – 100% all year

A trophy for 100% for the entire year

A delicious cake for any class with a 100% for the week


If your attendance is 97% or above, you will receive a special invitation to our half termly Attendance Party and have the chance to win a Vue Cinema family ticket from a prize draw!

Our next Attendance Party is a Movie and popcorn Party for the second half term of this academic year!