There are three main foci within the English curriculum:


Writing (including spelling, grammar and punctuation)




At Bentley New Village, we realise that it is important to show the children how we expect them to write and find that through the use of modelling and shared pieces, we develop the children’s vocabulary and understanding of the grammatical features expected of them.

Here is the writing sequence we follow –

Writing teaching sequence

We use this sequence, linked to our topic and reading text, for every topic of writing and aim to underpin the writing with grammatical knowledge. The children have access to high level vocabulary and the opportunity to identify features of a piece of writing, no matter what the genre.

It is at the heart of our writing curriculum that the children have; a clear audience, so they know who they are writing for and can identify formality; purpose, as the writing has to be as close to real life as possible; genre, so that the children understand the different language and layout features and finally a hook, to enable the children ideas for their writing and to fuel their imagination.

Every two weeks we complete an assessed piece of writing and mark that against non-negotiables, which the children use all the time. They are aware that we are marking their work against their year group criteria and they know the expectations of including these features in their writing.

Here is an example of a planning document for writing, you will see it follows the sequence well –

Writing planning Description

Handwriting and spelling

Both handwriting and spelling are extremely important to us at New Village and we are working really hard to ensure that we improve them both to help us with our writing. You, as parents and carers, could help us by helping your children to use the spelling words in context and by discussing the rule that the children are studying that week.


Please see below the assessment non-negotiables sheets that we use to assess writing. These assessment documents highlight the expectations of the children in each year group.

Year 1 Writing Criterion

Year 3 Writing Criterion

Year 4 Writing Criterion

Year 5 Writing Criterion