School Admissions

Admissions to the Reception classes at Bentley New Village Primary School are currently controlled by the Local Authority, who we have appointed to manage our admissions into that year group. See the Doncaster County Council website for more information:

Doncaster Council’s school admissions page

The school manages admissions to all other year groups itself and you should apply to the school directly if you would like a place.

It is essential to us that parents and children selecting New Village come to us with a clear idea of our ethos, our values and our expectations. Thus, we recommend that parents who wish to enrol their child into New Village come to visit the school first. This offers the family a chance to ensure that the aims, values and ethos of the school are suitable for their child. Following this, parents may submit an ‘In Year Admissions’ application form. Children who are Looked After by a Local Authority will be admitted to the school immediately.

Statement of Special Educational Need

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) or a proposed statement, you should contact the Special Educational Needs team.

When a space becomes available in the appropriate year group, the admissions officer for the school will select the appropriate child from the list using the school criteria for in-year admissions. A telephone call will be made to the appropriate child’s family to see if the place is still required and, if so, a suitable start date will be agreed.

For information about admission into Bentley New Village Primary School, please see our admissions policy.

New Village Admissions Policy