Our School Vision

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As a school we have a set of aims that drive our vision for this school forward.

Our Aims

  • For ALL pupils to have the basic skills so they can take full advantage of learning opportunities.
  • To make our school a learning community based on shared values and high expectations.
  • For pupils, staff and parents to work together to realise the vision.
  • To enable ALL pupils to achieve their full potential.
  • To promote and encourage effort, attitude and perseverance.
  • To promote independence, so pupils know how to set goals and how to achieve them.
  • To challenge pupils to strive for excellence, to do their best and to be proud of their own achievements.
  • To value and celebrate diversity by building a place where children recognise their own uniqueness and respect the uniqueness of others.
  • To provide an inclusive, rich and memorable learning experience so as to develop their individual talents and gifts.
  • To ensure that pupils feel safe, secure and happy in a positive environment.

In order to achieve these aims our staff work in partnership with the school community to inspire pupils to learn and to help them uncover their ‘hidden talents’.   We want to build a strong, supportive school and community, to be seen as a family school, filled with joy, excitement and fun with an environment that stimulates and excites.